R.B. Jergens- Bulldozer with Sheepsfoot
R.B. Jergens- Track Hoe loading Volvo
R.B. Jergens- Road Repair and Concrete Work
R.B. Jergens- Landfill Cell Preparations
R.B. Jergens- Road Improvements and Pipe Work
R.B. Jergens- Track Hoe loading JOURNEY Dump Truck
R.B. Jergens- Cat Off-road Truck in Winter
R.B. Jergens- Volvo Off-road Truck in Summer
R.B. Jergens- Site Development in Contaminated Soil
R.B. Jergens- Cat D8N
R.B. Jergens- Site Development and Pipe Work
R.B. Jergens- A Look at the New Landfill Cell
R.B. Jergens- Road, Pipe, and Concrete Work
R.B. Jergens- Employee Picnic
R.B. Jergens- Track Hoe loading Blast-fractured Rock onto Volvo
R.B. Jergens- Road Widening and Improvements
R.B. Jergens- Long Line of Off-road Trucks
R.B. Jergens- Earthwork in Winter
R.B. Jergens- Road Work Equipment and Materials
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