R.B. Jergens complies with all laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning safety and environmental issues in order to ensure our work is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

We put an extremely high focus on safety.  Our goal on each project is “ZERO” - zero lost time injuries, zero near misses, and zero first aid incidents.  Our EMR is well under 1.0 and we maintain a Recordable Incident Rate well below owner’s requirements.  We ensure our employees have received the proper training for each project we undertake.  Our actual safety qualifications can be made available upon request.

Safety Culture

R.B. Jergens places its highest priority on the safety of our employees. It is our belief that all accidents are preventable and therefore we strive for a goal of zero accidents each and every year. There is no other goal that is acceptable! To obtain this zero-accident goal, we continually improve our safety culture which promotes an incident and injury-free workplace through innovative training and educational programs and through the creation of, and the adherence to, safe work practices. Safety is a tool that our employees use on a regular basis.

Daily Focus

For each project, we use job planning and safety tools such as Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) and Job Site Safety Talks. Additionally, all employees are encouraged to constantly look for (and report) any job site hazards and potentially unsafe situations. Our superintendents and safety staff continuously tour our work sites in order to search for and eliminate safety concerns or hazards. If an unsafe or unplanned condition is seen or a near-miss observed, all employees are authorized to stop work and to notify supervision, so the observed condition may be safely remedied.


In addition to daily safety training, R.B. Jergens encourages and conducts safety training throughout the year. We offer numerous safety training programs that keep the employees up-to-date on the most recent safety issues / practices. While some of the training sessions are new and represent the latest industry standards, others are recurring year in and year out. Repeating many of the safety classes instills a habit of safety awareness among our employees. R.B. Jergens believes that an educated and empowered employee presents a safer and more productive workforce.